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Site Traffic Generator Series Part V: Redirect Traffic

Welcome to’s Site Traffic Generator Series, where we’re going to talk about both free and paid methods of driving traffic to your website.

You may have the best content in the world on your website, but if it’s not seen by anyone, neither you nor your audience get to benefit.

This week we’re presenting something a little bit different to everything we’ve had on here so far.  Unless you’ve delved very deeply into paid traffic sources, you probably haven’t seen this one.

We’re talking about redirect traffic.

If you’ve ever typed one of the following into your browser, and ended up at an entirely different site in a related niche, you’ve probably made a redirected traffic company some money:

  • A misspelled domain, orRedirect Circle
  • The domain of an expired website

What these companies do is buy over domains of expired websites with
residual levels of traffic still passing through, or combinations of words that are close to that of a high traffic domain.

When people type in those domains, they’ll be redirected to one of their customer’s sites, or an affiliate link, for a certain amount of money.



Redirect traffic is not a widely known traffic source.  However, it can be a powerful method if you’re looking for cheap paid traffic.

Let’s see why.


Lower Competition

Well, this is one of the open secrets of internet marketing, really.  Nobody denies the existence of redirect traffic, but few talk about it either, for some reason.

Bid ButtonWhat that means for you and me is that there isn’t nearly as much competition for clicks, compared to the most well-known paid traffic sources.

If there’s less competition, that equates to cheaper prices, because these platform work on a bidding basis.  Setting higher bid limits increases the probability of getting a click to your site.


Dirt Cheap

Rejoice!  This is as near to free traffic as you can get, without it actually being free.

You can get costs per click (CPC) down to less than a cent.  It all depends on the popularity of your marketing niche, and the company you’re running your campaign with.

Here’s a secret little tip for you:  CPA offers work like a charm with the affordable nature of redirect traffic!


High Quality Traffic

While highly affordable, this sort of traffic works well in several niches.High Quality Label

Namely, they usually work better for offers that target impulse buying in niches that we mention in our previous article, 3 Most Lucrative Niches that Successful Affiliate Marketers Want to Keep a Secret.

Surprisingly, though the traffic is dirt cheap, the source can produce high quality traffic.  That’s because the original domain could have had a positive brand image in the first place.  If you get traffic from such a source, then you’ve struck gold.


How To Drive Traffic Successfully With Domain Redirect Platforms?

There are 3 things you need to pay attention to when you’re setting up a campaign with these platforms.

To the experienced affiliate marketer, these may be simple considerations.  Still, not everyone will know about these, so here are some important aspects of getting a successful redirect campaign going.



Map with Pushpins

Did you know that there’re different tiers of online traffic?  Typically, if you want this traffic source to buy something from your site, you’ll want to get Tier 1 traffic.

Tier 1 traffic happens to be English-speaking traffic from affluent countries.  These include the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.

Naturally, competition for Tier 1 traffic is fiercer, so you’ll probably have to pay a little bit more if you want this demographic to visit your site.  If you’re doing affiliate marketing though, it’ll be worth it, as these are the people that will buy what you promote, if you pitch it right.


Keywords / Niche

Magic BookDifferent providers have different options.

Some use a system where you have to key in keywords.

Others use a more general system where you select the niche i.e. health, make money online, education, etc. That way, there’s a pool of keywords they can select from to redirect people to your site.

Others have both.

In general, when you’re faced with a keyword system, it’s better to exhaust the list of relevant keywords you have.  You’ll maximize chances of getting traffic that way.

Find out how you can discover more relevant keywords by using the Avatar Exercise.



If you’re sending redirect traffic to a landing page for offers, you’ve gotta make dang sure that the copy on that page piques their curiosity within seconds.

Use images, gifs, text, videos, whatever works to get them hooked about your product.  After all, they must have some interest in the general category in the first place, so convince them that they could do with this product that you’re promoting.

If you want to find out how to do that better, check out The Solo Marketer’s Guide to Content Creation, and 7 Tips for Attractive Content Creation.

I do recommend you check out this absolute masterclass in writing marketing copy titled Hypnotic Writing by Joe Vitale:


It’s an amazing book, and a small investment to get you started on your journey to writing copy that converts people into buyers!





Prices on are ridiculous in a good way.  Ever heard of CPC at $0.002?  No?

Well, that’s the minimum CPC you get to select within DNTX.

That is simply dirt cheap.  Can you imagine how many redirects they need to deliver to make money out of that?

And yet, they still turn a profit because they deliver more than a billion redirects every month.

Their traffic is global, meaning you can have it delivered from anywhere in the world.  Need readers from Asia?  No problem.

I have to say though, that they have much more traffic from US than other locations.

They offer quite a lot of targeting options too.  You can target people by country, keyword, niche, carrier, and device.

If you’re only just starting to experiment with redirect traffic, then we can’t recommend it enough.

As you can tell, we’re big fans of DNTX!




Once you’ve familiarized yourself with redirect traffic, you can start using ZeroPark.

ZeroPark has:

  • Even more traffic than DNTX
  • A better-looking user interface (IMO)
  • More detailed targeting features than DNTX

Naturally, all this comes at a price.  ZeroPark’s traffic is more expensive and the prices are more volatile compared to DNTX’s.  You can end up pouring in a lot of money if you aren’t careful.

They also have more features such as free conversion tracking by Voluum, which is extremely useful for finding out what’s working and what’s not in your campaign.

Furthermore, they have dedicated account managers as well, who’ll help you:

  • Assist you with campaign set up
  • Advise on what campaigns to run
  • Advise on targeting and optimization

If you’ve been to obscure parts of internet marketing forums, you’ll find that many people have had positive experiences and results using ZeroPark’s traffic.

They’re even active on forums themselves, so that’s good to see.  It’s assuring because it lets people know that they’re a legit service.




We’ve not used ourselves, though we’ve done as much research as we can.

Though their website is very nicely done up, reviews of their service haven’t been positive.

As far as we’ve managed to figure, their service used to be hosted at, and they’ve since moved it to its current domain

Their service support apparently isn’t very good.  I’ve seen many complaints about them not replying to email.

There’s even one instance where a user funded money into an account.  After not seeing it reflected in the account, he tried to contact support, but failed.  He eventually had to initiate a chargeback on PayPal.

Whatever the case, the fact remains that these complaints don’t inspire confidence.  Especially since I couldn’t find any positive experiences whatsoever.

Try them out at your own risk.

To sum up, this is a source of traffic that is little known, but we’re positive that it’ll make a great impact in your campaign if you’re looking for paid traffic.  The sheer quantity of traffic coupled with affordable CPCs combine with CPA offers especially, to produce great results.

Where to get great CPA offers?  That’s a topic for another day!

Bottom line?  If you’re looking for cheap and yet affordable traffic, no other traffic source comes close.  Give redirect traffic a try!

If you’ve any questions, comments, reviews, etc. I’d love to hear from you.  Hit the comments section below, and I’ll be happy to answer you with whatever knowledge I have.  Alternatively, find me at Wealthy Affiliate, where I learnt all this stuff, and where I go to hang out online.

I sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed reading Part V of our Site Traffic Generator Series.  Share it with your friends if you did, and I’ll be eternally grateful to you!

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