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Site Traffic Generator Series Part III: Twitter / Instagram

Welcome to’s Site Traffic Generator Series, where we’re going to talk about both free and paid methods of driving traffic to your website.

You may have the best content in the world on your website, but if it’s not seen by anyone, neither you nor your audience get to benefit.

This week, we’re looking at Twitter and Instagram.  We’ve put them together because they can be pretty similar in the way you go about gaining followers and getting engagement.

Once you’ve gone about getting your Facebook and SEO stuff down pat, you’ll want to look at these platforms.  Take a look at these stats below and you’ll see why.

For Twitter:

  • 310 million users total
  • 120 million unique visitors a month
  • 100 million daily active users
  • 65 million users in the US alone

For Instagram:

  • 400 million users total
  • > 75 million daily users
  • 6 million users in the US alone

Now, I don’t know about you, but that seems like a pretty impressive reach to me.  Let’s take a look at how to get you in on the act.


Why Do Twitter / Instagram Campaigns Fail?

Not Eye-catching Enough

The thing about microblogging is that users are wading through a veritable tsunami of posts.

Social Media Tsunami
Social Media Tsunami

Their feed is virtually flooded with all sorts of social posts.

If yours isn’t outstanding enough to attract their attention, it’ll recede into their subconscious mind before they can even process what you’re talking about.

And the more that happens, the more they will learn to tune posts from you out, and when that happens, you’ll regain their trust and attention when hell freezes over.

Disengaged Persona

If you have your audience’s attention, but sound like a robot typing, people aren’t going to RESPOND to what you’re saying.

That’s important because catching their attention is only the very first step – you’ll need to give them something juicy that’ll pique their interest as well.  This is probably something that’ll trigger their emotional buttons.

Fail to do that, and you won’t generate enough retweets, reposts, likes, or comments to make an impact with your presence on social media.


How To Drive Traffic Successfully With Twitter / Instagram?

Up to here, we’ve learnt that to drive traffic on these microblogging platforms, we need 2 things.

First, we need to capture our potential audience’s attention with something eye-catching, something that stands out from the sea of microblogging content out there.

Secondly, once you’ve hooked them on the line, it’s time to reel them in with engagement, so that they’ll be interested enough to click through to your website, and share your post, maybe tag a couple of their friends.

We’re actually just going to focus on the free stuff today, because Twitter and Instagram have a lot of streamlined functionality built in.  That allows you to reach a wider audience easily.


Complete Your Profile

Cat Profile Pic
Cat Profile Pic

The first thing you need to do when you’re setting up your account is to be like this cat and add a handsome photo (or logo), and fill out your bio.  You may think it’s unnecessary, but it’s important for people to know you’re real, and you’re concerned about the image of your brand.

Furthermore, you’re going to try connecting with thousands of potential followers in a personal way, so a little goes a long way when it comes to your profile.


Follow Relevant People

Once you’ve done up your profile, you can start following people.

What you’ve got to do is to find accounts related to the niche of your website.  You need to go to the search bar for either platform, type in your keyword, and a whole list of relevant accounts will appear.  You can follow them, and also follow people that follow these accounts.

For instance, if you were to start a music focused website, you’d key in “music” into the search bar, follow those accounts, and also follow the followers of those accounts.

The benefit of doing this is that you’ll be targeting people who are interested in your topic, so because they’ll be interested in what you have to say, there’s every chance that they’ll follow you back as well.

You should set aside some time doing this every day.  It won’t take long, and you’ll be able to build a list of followers steadily over time.




Hashtags originally saw great success with Twitter.  They’re far more effective on Twitter and Instagram than Facebook.  You don’t want to miss out on this one, because it’s important way to get your posts seen by people who aren’t following you.  I also mentioned it in 7 Secret Social Media Tactics that Explode Your Web Traffic because it’ll give you such a great return on your time and effort.

One golden tip I have for you is to use trending hashtags.  This will create a greater impact in engagement for your post.  The easiest way to see hashtags that are currently trending is to use the trend bar on Twitter.  You can find this on the left side of Twitter.

Alternatively, free online tools such as Trendsmap take this further by showing you current trends in various parts of the world.  This is especially useful if you’re only targeting users in a particular country.  It’s pretty cool – do check it out.


Follow Everyone Back

The benefits of following your followers are twofold.

There are people who’ll help you along by posting welcome messages to their new followers.  That will help you gain some exposure to potential new followers from their own accounts.  It’s a really nice and unselfish gesture, and in complete honesty, you won’t encounter many of these.

The other more compelling reason to do this is so that your new followers won’t unfollow you.  Many of these accounts follow you hoping that they’ll receive a follow back.  So be nice, follow them back, and in all likelihood, they’ll keep following you as well.  This is especially true for accounts that use automatic following programs – these tend to unfollow accounts that they’ve originally followed if it doesn’t receive a follow back.


Post Regularly

Keep a schedule

Naturally, you’ll want your account to appear vibrant and active.

You do that by tweeting and posting regularly.

That creates more engagement which in turn creates a more trustworthy vibe for your account.  When that happens, more people are likely to click through to your site.

Perhaps you don’t publish every single day.  That’s understandable.  If that’s the case, you can easily retweet or repost other articles, links, or pictures that have high numbers of likes and shares.  This should ensure that your followers sit up and take notice as well.


Get Celebrities / Highly Followed People to Follow You

This can be a bit hit or miss, but if it’s a hit, it could be a big one.  If one of these people reposts your post, your reach instantly jumps to millions of people.  That can make a big impact to your account and site.

The strategy here is to follow accounts that have millions of followers and tweet / post a ton.  You can check the top 100 list to see who these are.

It doesn’t matter how many people they’re following – if they’re following hundreds of thousands of people, they’re more likely to follow you back, but at the same time, it’ll be harder for the account manager to see your posts for a potential repost.

However, if they don’t follow a lot of accounts back but miraculously follow yours, the chances of a repost from them are much higher.

In the end, it’s all up to you, but I definitely wouldn’t want to miss out on just such an opportunity.


Build a Bridge

Bridge the distance between you and your audience
Bridge the distance between you and your audience

Eventually, people will start following you, or even repost some of your stuff.  Build a relationship and thank them by:

  • Tweeting a welcome
  • Commenting on one of their images
  • Privately messaging them

Sow the seeds of a relationship with your followers, and give them a little push into becoming warm leads for your business.

A great tactic to use is to take a quick glance at their profile, then send them a message, not just thanking them for the follow, but adding something personal as well like, “I really like how you’re…” so that they know you aren’t a bot.


Links in Tweets / Instagram Profiles

This goes without saying.  If you don’t give a call to action to visit your site, why are you using social media to promote your site?

You can’t really type very much when you post on Instagram and Twitter, so give your audience a link to your site.

If you’ve published new content on your site, always follow it up by posting on the two microblogging platforms and link to it.


Images in Posts

Green EyesBe sure to include an eye-catching picture when you tweet.  When I tweet about one of the articles that I just uploaded on my site, I usually add the blog header image to go along with it.  You could do the same thing – humans are visual creatures, so having an image pop up in a sea of words always draws their gaze.  It helps them relieve the monotony of reading a enormous chunk of text.

It’s a little harder on Instagram, where everything is images.  But once again, if you manage to post a picture, or even a short clip that’s able to push one of their emotional buttons, you can be sure that there’ll be traffic flowing to your website from there.

To sum up, Twitter and Instagram are all about following other people first, and hoping that they’ll follow you back.  Once you’ve gotten a few hundred followers, it gets progressively easier to get more people to follow you. The more followers you amass, the more chance you’ll have of getting your images / tweets reposted, or getting comments on your posts.

On Twitter, these comments are exposed to their followers and also in the general keyword searches.  Instagram doesn’t have the same feature.  However, people seem more willing to follow your profile and like your posts.

Twitter also has a special feature that I’ve not mentioned here.  I’ll go into Twitter Cards separately – it’s an entire article by itself!  But that really enables you to catch the eye of your followers.  Do look forward to it sometime in the near future.

If you’ve any questions regarding Instagram or Twitter, feel free to use the comments section below, and I’ll get back to you in the blink of an eye.  Alternatively, find me at Wealthy Affiliate – my usual online hangout, and the place I learnt everything I’ve done and written about on this website.

I sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed reading Part III of our Site Traffic Generator Series.  Share it with your friends if you did, and I’ll be eternally grateful to you!

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