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Imagine that you’re sitting at the very computer you’re in front of now. You click a few links, and tap away a few times at your keyboard. And presto! You’ve just started a website that WILL fund a particular need that you have for years to come.

“Rayson, that’s horseshit!” you cry, “It’s a scam!” Trust me, I know that feeling. You’ve bought into making a quick buck online once too often, and now you don’t know what is or isn’t legit. You’re afraid and confused.

Listen. I get it, okay? =) We were in the same boat till a couple of months ago. I’m going to help you, so stay with me, because I’m going to show you how you’ll be able to get started online in the next few minutes with a free website.


“I want to help you meet your needs!”

I have a lot of sympathy for people who have unmet needs. People like to say, “Money is the root of all evil” but I say unless you’re a caveman, money is a necessity. This isn’t about being greedy. It’s about meeting real needs!

Maybe you’re many months behind on paying bills or rent.Save Money

Maybe you’re longing to create a better financial situation for your family.

Maybe you’d like to visit some loved ones living overseas.

Perhaps you even want to fund a noble cause!

The harsh reality of it is that so many make money online offers prey on precisely those needs to make you part with your hard-earned cash. It’s despicable! Those are exactly the sort of people who make you lose faith in making a living online and give the industry a bad name.

If you’ll let me give you a hand, let’s start by restoring your faith in this.


“Don’t put your money down on something blindly!”

That’s gambling, and it’ll ruin you.

We’re talking about saving money here, not throwing it all away taking chances.

You’d want to take all the risk out of the equation and the only products that allow you to do that are free, or free to try.

Trying Ice CreamImagine you’re at a new ice-cream shop, getting a scoop. Before you actually bought the ice-cream, you’ll be able to sample a few flavours that caught your fancy i.e., try the product for nothing, and pick the best one. That way you’ll never run the risk of wasting your money on a disappointing ice-cream. After all, if NONE of the flavours are good, you could simply walk away and not buy anything!

That is the ONLY way to cut through the mountain of marketing hype and decide if something is really worth its asking price. After all, picking an ice-cream based on its appearance and description is a gamble if you’re buying it for its flavour and texture isn’t it? =)

So let’s assume you’ve found this no-risk, try-for-free online business product, and you’re inside the member’s area right now. The next logical question you ask yourself is…


What Does The Online Business Product Need to Help You Achieve Success?

Path To Success

If you’ve met many online business owners, you’d know that they achieve their success in a lot of ways. There are three things that all of them have in common though, and the product that you will be willing to part with cash for needs to have ALL of these three things.

1. Help

Everyone meets a roadblock or setback when they’re learning or setting up something new. You’ll get frustrated and stuck somewhere along the way when creating your own online business and you’ll need answers to questions.

Questions that can’t be answered by “inspirational quotes” on Facebook and websites.

Questions that can’t be answered by FAQs and unresponsive email helplines.

Questions that can’t be answered by dubious success gurus that don’t help with small technicalities.

I’m going to show you exactly where you can find an entire COMMUNITY of successful online business owners, who are all learning and growing together, and helping one another out. You’ll be able to get help with any question, big or small, within hours, if not minutes.

2. Website

If you’re setting up an online business to help you earn and save money, having your own website comes with the territory.

Hang on! Don’t press the panic button just yet!

I know you may have little or no experience building a website, but let me assure you, it’s really easy these days. Remember reading above that you’ll have a website up with a few clicks and taps of your keyboard? That’s not a joke.

I’m going to show you where you can do just that, in the next few minutes, and it’s free to try too.

3. Continued learning and practice

Successful online business owners learn something new every day. More importantly, they apply that learning until it becomes second nature to them.

Does that seem like way too much self-motivation for a born procrastinator like you?

Well I like doing things tomorrow too, unless they’re so simple and effortless that I’ll do it now.

So I’m going to show you the system which worked for me, where you build upon a checklist of three to four effortless tasks each day to build your online business, and start making you an income.

Did I mention you can access that without spending anything at all as well? I simply love free stuff. Don’t you?


Start Your Online Business Without Spending Anything

So here’s where I introduce all the different products to you. Well no, not exactly. They’re actually part of the same product! When you sign up for NOTHING AT ALL, it already has:

1. Personal Help & Support

  • Getting personal help from me, Rayson
  • Help from a community of users much more successful & experienced than I am
  • Live Chat support (Instant help!)
  • Ongoing discussions on a whole slew of online business topics

2. Two Free Websites

  • WordPress sites with full function
  • Ready to fuel the fund of your choice

3. Comprehensive, detailed, easy-to-follow training

  • Video webinars & classes
  • Tutorials
  • Courses
  • Entire classrooms

Too good to be true? Try it for free then! I was wary of it myself at first, but you don’t even need to enter your credit card details or log in to PayPal to sign up, and that was the convincing factor – there was no way for them to quietly start charging for their services, so that was really assuring.

All you have to do now, is click on the image below, choose the “Starter ($0 Per Month)” option, offer your signup details, and access to the Wealthy Affiliate community will be INSTANT.

Naturally, there’s a Premium option available. That’s how they earn from it after all! I upgraded within a week because it was great value and was confident in it after trying it for free. It gives you access to EVEN MORE perks, but hey, let’s get you started by building up your confidence in Wealthy Affiliate for free first alright? =)


Your Friend,


6 thoughts on “Let’s Get Started!

  1. Rayson,
    I really like your style and approach. So do you think I can start making money right away or will it take some time? Can I really earn money without spending any first?

    • Hi there Paul,

      I have to stress that that this is no get rich quick scheme! How fast you earn your first dollar really depends on whether you’re consistent with going through the training and actually applying it. Most recommend a 50/50 mix of learning and application.

      Like any business, you may not see profits immediately. But with Wealthy Affiliate, as long as you’re consistent with a bit of learning and application every day, you’ll get there!

      And yes, you can earn without spending any at first. The free membership allows you hosting for 2 free websites, which is plenty for you to get started with.

      Thank you for your comments Paul, really appreciate it.

  2. Nice. I love how you relate real life situations to how beneficial it is to actually try something for free vs a competitive program that offers you nothing upfront but a price. This is awesome.

    • Hi Kachina,

      Glad you like it! I had to think long and hard about how to relate some of these concepts, but I’m glad it paid off. It’s a mindset that is really going help people and prevent them from blindly chancing their money on something that may not work.

      Thank you for your comment!

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