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Well now!  You’ve decided what your website should be about.  You’ve bought a snazzy .com domain name.  You’ve set up your website beautifully.  Absolutely spiffing!

I’m not kidding, if you’ve got your website up and ready to go, that’s fantastic.  Those are really important things, the basic building blocks of a website that gives your visitors that feel-good factor.  But that’s not what people visit your website for.

Depending on what your website is about, they’re here to be educated, to buy stuff, or to be entertained.  And that means that everything else you’ve done before is an appetizer or side dish.  The main course is the information you’re giving them, and yes, that means that…

Content is King!
Content is King!

What you write about is the stuff that will draw visitors to your website and keep them coming back for more.  That means that you’ve got to know what your visitors want to know, and give them that information, or maybe your opinion.  Furthermore, your content is what search engines like Google use to decide where you rank on their searches.

In this section, you’ll find tips and recommendations that I’ve found were helpful in writing content for websites.  You already know what your website is about, but you shouldn’t be writing too broadly within the niche.  You need to pick a few themes to write about.  How focused should these themes be?  What topics can you write about within these themes?

Different audiences like their information presented to them in different ways.  I’ll give you some things to consider to decide how you should write to draw your readers in.  You need to think about how long you want your posts to be as well.

If you find a hard knot of trepidation forming in the pit of your tummy, take a deep breath and let it go.  You might find that it takes some time to read all of this.  Don’t worry about it too much.  I’ll break it down for you so that you can digest one thing at a time.  The most important thing is to take action.

You’ve got the website now, and you don’t want it sitting around doing nothing.  Write a post as naturally and conversationally as you can, and publish it once you’re done.  You’ll instantly find that you know what you have to improve on.  That way, you’ll soon get indexed on search engines and start getting visitors to your website.  The sooner you do that, the faster you’ll improve in your writing skills, and connecting with your visitors! =)

Don’t hesitate to leave a comment if you’ve got feedback or a question to ask!  I’ll get back to you soonest, and it’ll help me know how to help you and others better as well.

As always, looking forward to hearing from you!


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