Happy Mother’s Day!

I Love You Mom

Hey all readers, Thank you for visiting TheWhateverFund.com This isn’t a usual post on this site, but today’s Mother’s Day, and I just wanted to take a little time to affirm and encourage all the mothers who visit this blog. I understand this doesn’t apply to everyone, because not all families turn out as they … Read more

This Weekend To-Do List Will Make Your Week So Much Easier

To-do List

Or: What to do on Sunday so Monday sucks less. 1. Plan out what you’re going to wear for the week. View this image › extrapetite.com Instead of trying to figure out your outfit the night before (or, let’s be real: as you’re scrambling to get out the door in the morning), spend a half … Read more

Retail’s Winter Of Death Has Claimed Thousands Of Stores

Brick & Mortar Shops Closing Down

In the clothing and accessories business alone, eight big-name bankruptcies and closures have hit the retail industry the last two months, shutting more than 1,000 stores. The closed doors are symptoms of a bigger problem: America simply has too many stores. BuzzFeed News American retailers selling clothing and accessories have been through a grim winter … Read more

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