The Copywriter's Handbook Book Review

Book Review: The Copywriter’s Handbook: A Step-By-Step Guide To Writing Copy That Sells by Robert W. Bly

This Review Tuesday, we’re reviewing a book.  Find out why as an affiliate marketer, you need to how to write copy that sells, and how The Copywriter’s Handbook by Robert Bly is perfect for you if you’re just starting out.

Copywriting is something that many people think they can do.  While on the surface, it can be like writing any other article, in reality it’s anything but.

If you’re:

  • Creating landing pages but see dismal sales time and again
  • Driving tons of quality traffic to your pages but don’t see conversions
  • Looking to increase the conversion percentage on your sites
  • Seeing abysmal conversions with your email list
  • Writing SEO content for your website but are seeing high bounce rates

Then you need to know what isn’t going right with your copy.

This book is the answer to that.



  • Great introduction to fundamentals of copywriting
  • Covers broad range of copywriting mediums
  • Very practical (includes checklists)
  • Friendly and interesting format



  • Lacks in-depth insights into specific categories
  • Not really for experienced copywriters


In-depth Overview

Learning Copywriting Fundamentals

Most sales are made through the persuasive writing.  You’re not going to see very much success in online marketing if you’re not very sure about copywriting principles.

You’ve read about countless internet marketers who earn big bucks every time they promote something new.

You’ve also heard them share about their methods.  Things like building an email list.  Driving quality traffic to pages.  Using social media to brand themselves.

You’ve probably tried a lot of that stuff.  And you’ve seen very little to no success at all.

If you’re confused, feeling hard done by, or maybe even a little bitter by that, you have every reason to be.

Let me tell you why.

These guys make it seem really easy, but they’re not telling you the real secret behind their success.

This secret is the bedrock of every marketing campaign.

It doesn’t matter what you do.  Email.  Landing pages.  Content marketing, so on and so forth.

Success in online marketing always begins with one thing only.

Great persuasive copy.

And this book:


This book right here is the best resource to get you started.

Sure, it’s a little dated.

But it doesn’t matter how much time passes.

It doesn’t matter how much the medium changes.

It doesn’t even matter what copywriting trends inspire the most trust currently.

The principles and psychology behind copywriting will never change.

And that’s what you’re going to get in The Copywriter’s Handbook.

This is one of the most newbie friendly, yet comprehensive books introducing you to the basics of copywriting.

When you’re done with it, you’ll have the know-how to write memorable online content, create eye-catching headlines, grab the attention of your subscribers, and just about handle any copywriting task.



If you’re like most people, you’ve bought into a few make money online resources.

Unless you’re really lucky, most of them are scams.

More often than not, if they aren’t scams, they’re just a bunch of information bundled together without a strategy.

You’ve read through some of it, tried some stuff randomly, didn’t see results, and moved on.

You’ve probably thought:

  • “This just isn’t for me”
  • “That was a waste of money”

You’ve probably resolved never to buy anything like that ever again, but found your finger hovering over another “Buy Now!” button a few days after that.

You click on it, and the process repeats all over again:

  • Buy
  • Fail
  • Resolve never to be scammed again
  • Get hooked by another enticing offer

You’re always hoping that the next thing you buy gives you the special factor that brings you success.

That special factor isn’t something difficult.

It isn’t something mysterious.

It isn’t something rare, even.

That special factor is…


A roadmap to success that you can follow.

A checklist for every task you do.

Resources to keep you on track.

With this, no matter what it is you’re learning, you’ll know where and what to start with.

You’ll have concrete measures of success each step of the way.

You’ll be able to see how far you’ve come, and the next step to take.

I’ve got some bad news for you though…

Even though this is so simple, most programs/books/resources DON’T include it.


Because they just want to make money off of you.

They don’t want you to succeed.

They want to stay as the experts in the field.

However, the good news is this – it’s not impossible to find.

You just have to know where to look for it, and Bob Bly has it in his book.


**Click here to check it out!**

Who’s Bob Bly?

For 3 decades, Bob Bly has been working as a copywriter and information marketer – and he’s been teaching others how to succeed as copywriters, marketers, and authors for nearly that long.

McGraw-Hill, the renowned American publisher of textbooks used across the world, calls Bly “America’s top copywriter.”  His book, The Copywriter’s Handbook (Henry Holt), is considered by many to be the “Bible” of copywriting and was voted a “mini-classic of direct marketing” by the Direct Marketing Club of New York.

Furthermore, the legendary David Ogilvy said, “I don’t know a single copywriter whose work would not be improved by reading this book.  And that includes me.”

You’ve got to take it from a legend who made his name in advertising.

This book isn’t written some anonymous two-bit author.

It’s written by a heavyweight in the marketing arena.

A person who’s made his living and millions writing marketing copy.

A person who knows what successful copywriting looks like through the ages.

We say this just so you know that Bly’s advice about copywriting, information marketing, and business is worth paying attention to.

Click the image below and check out the many positive reviews people have given him.


Bottom Line?

Bob Bly is a seasoned veteran in marketing copy who has kept up with the many changes in the industry.

While he doesn’t share very deeply about the technicalities of any particular category, he equips you with the basic necessities of being an excellent copywriter.  He also includes the all-important checklists and resources to help keep you on track.

Eventually, all this will become second nature to you, and you’ll eventually move on to more advanced resources, but we’re of the opinion that all copywriters will benefit by starting out with this book.

If you’ve got questions or comments, we’d love to hear them.  Hit the comments section below, and we’ll get back to you real quick.  Alternatively, find us at Wealthy Affiliate, our usual online hangout, and where we’ve learnt about resources such as this book.

We hope that you’ve found this book review of The Copywriter’s Handbook by Bob Bly illuminating.  Please share it with your friends if you did, and we’ll be eternally grateful to you!

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