About Rayson

I’m Rayson, here to help you tame the money-eating monster that is the Internet, and turn it into your pet cash cow.

And with that, you now know that I’m a corny person!

But what you don’t know, is my story.

I’m a guy with many and varied interests.

First and foremost among all that is music.  I play music in church and love it!  The issue here is that it burns a hole in my pocket.  A really big hole at that – the best music gear is never cheap.  And G.A.S. never ends.  That stands for Gear Acquisition Syndrome!

I’ve also loved playing sports ever since young.  I studied sports science in university, and worked as fitness trainer for a couple of years.  Eventually, I figured that I was more interested in sports coaching.  I might eventually go back to that, but not just yet.


Towards the end of my time in the fitness industry, I was researching methods of making money online.  I threw more money than I like to remember at the different hyped-up programs that you see.

I won’t say they were all bad.  A few had good content but presented so much at one go that it became overwhelming.  Most had unending upsells.  Nearly all of them left me feeling very alone on the journey.

Then came the turning point.

After figuratively wandering around in the dark for a couple of months, I was blessed to stumble across Wealthy Affiliate.  The moment I registered for free and and signed in, it was a complete breath of fresh air – there was an huge actual community of really encouraging people to learn from!  There were really clear step-by-step instructions on how to set up a website and monetize it!

So I got to work creating my “Music Gear Fund”.  Just an hour a day at first.  I’d never created a website before so I had to take it slow.  Less than two months later, I left my fitness trainer job.  That “Music Gear Fund” became my “Full-Time Income Fund”.  I’m not making a fortune from it just yet, but that’s because I’m still relatively new to this and I’ve a lot to learn.

I want to help people realize this!

That’s why this website is here.

Perhaps you need a “Utility Bills Fund”.

Perhaps you just need a “Rainy Day Fund”.

Perhaps you even need a “Financial Freedom Fund”.

It all depends on what you want from it, really. I just want to assure you that it’s definitely possible to do this, even if you have poor computer skills! It’s actually something that you can put a small bit of work in everyday to see great results.

What goes on this website is just a sneak peek of the content available on Wealthy Affiliate.  But what’s more important is that you’ll find a helpful community, encouraging mentorship, and incredible training resources to get you started the moment you sign up. I absolutely guarantee that you’ll love it!

If you’d like to join me on Wealthy Affiliate, you can register here to create your free Starter membership.  This is where you can network with others and help is offered to people like yourself.  Once you’re a member, I’ll follow you and be available for you if you’ve any questions to ask!

Again, I’m Rayson.  Thanks for reading about me. Please, feel free to contact me if you ever need anything.  Drop me a comment below or you can always get in touch with me via WealthyAffiliate.com (here is a link to my profile).

Your Friend,


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